Moving Perspectives

The visible results of the seminar Moving People – People an the Move for Peace are these four very different and exciting short films. The creative arts of storytelling and performance enabled participants playfully to take up difficult issues, by mixing truth and fiction in relating their  personal biographies. While working within an interdisciplinary approach, the participants experienced new and varied perspectives on human movement. By the end of the two day program the groups had discussed, listened to one another and worked through important political, academic and personal perspectives on the issue. The dilemmas and ironies raised were interwoven with personal experiences, dreams, and ideals.

By accident, one of the films was horizontal when first screened. Instead of changing the film, the viewers were challenged to adapt by making themselves horizontal.

Warming up with Capoeira de Angola:

clip1  – clip2 – clip3

Video-Clips produced by the four working groups:

clip of group no. 1

clip of group no. 2

clip of group no. 3

clip of group no. 4

[For seeing the clips without problems, we highly recommend to download the VLC Player and/or the VLC Web Plugin =]

Moving Perspectives – 1/2/3/4, edited by Markus Schäffauer.

True and fictional stories about human movement, developed from Moving People – People on the Move for Peace, a seminar at Universty of Hamburg presented by the Initiativkreis Friedensbildung, 16th – 17th October, 2015.


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